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Official Anthem of the

October 3, 2008

Recently, I discovered the hilarity that is I’m going to have an actually serious post about that, but this is not that post.

No, this post is about something completely unimportant. Unless you have a soul. In which case, music ought to be very high on your list of priorities. Then this post is critically important.

There are a number of well-known people who are very active on Blip: Todd Carpenter, Nicole Nicolay, Joe Ferrara, Heather Elias, just to name a few.

So… if the were to have an official anthem, the way that the Asian American community has an official anthem, what would it be?

My humble recommendations for your consideration:

Winds of Change, The Scorpions (embedding disabled by the morons at Universal, so video above may not work)

Well, the does represent the first line of the change that is sweeping through the industry, right? And The Scorpions are an underappreciated jewel of the ’80’s.

While it is a somewhat melancholy ballad, this is a song of hope for the future. That strikes me as an accurate description of the real estate industry today.

Video Killed the Radio Star, The Buggles

The very first music video aired on MTV. Of course, it’s unclear whether will have this kind of impact… but… strikes me as possibly appropriate.

Online, Brad Paisley

Need this selection be explained? 🙂


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  1. October 3, 2008 5:34 pm

    I think the People of are still trying to figure out exactly how to leverage web 2.0. This would be my choice.

    Liking it for the location the video was shot at is not a coincidence.

  2. October 3, 2008 7:14 pm

    Dude… Tcar, that is awesome choice. 🙂

    I’m not fond of U2, but even so, I’m digging on the “still looking” angle. On multiple levels.

    I dig on Housechick’s nomination: “Caught in the Middle With You” LOL.


  3. Heather Elias permalink
    October 3, 2008 8:32 pm

    Wow, I qualerfy as a “well known RE-net” people. Sweet! 😉

  4. October 4, 2008 9:21 am

    I would go with something by the Grateful Dead.
    They were the first “commpany” to use social media to their advantage. They did not have the benefit of twitter, facebook, flipfm, myspace or even email and yet their music reached millions of loyal fans.

    They used rudimentary snail mail lists to spread the word and “dead heads” met regularly (like conferences) around the country to attend shows and trade dead tapes.

    To your point in an earlier post of yours encouraging poor bloggers to stop!; content is king. Even the best real estate content is nothing compared to a good tune.

    Today we have the game changing means to disseminate ideas through social media, now we just need some game changing ideas!


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