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My Ten Commandments of Social Networking

March 29, 2009

1.  Thou shalt not spam thy friends.

2.  Thou shalt not be LinkedIn with coworkers, for LinkedIn has replaced most job sites for recruiting. Social network with thy coworkers around the large container that dispenseth water.

3.  Thou shalt think twice before being Facebook Friends with coworkers, clients, and prospects. And definitely think thrice before posting photos and videos of thee in that club in Cancun with the beer bong.

4.  Thou shalt not network under a corporate name, for silly rabbit, social networks are for humans!

5.  Thou shalt be thyself as much as possible on social networks, for if thou art false, it shall be evident, and thy friends shall un-friend thee with the quickness.

6.  Thou shalt help thy friends in appropriate networks meet and help each other as much as possible, for that is the whole point of doing social networks at all.

7.  Thou shalt unsubscribe from any social network that thou hast not updated in the past thirty days, for thy time is not unlimited.

8.  Thou shalt refrain from ad hominem attacks in debates that inevitably arise in any social networks worth a damn, unless thou truly means to simply trash and flame another person.

9.  Thou shalt venture outside thy circle from time to time, for a social network that ceases to grow might be one that is headed unto death.

10.  Thou shalt have fun on thy social networks, for all work and no play makes Jack a psychotic murderer who freezes unto death.


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  1. March 30, 2009 12:43 pm

    Personally, I think that the original 10 Commandments work just fine for Social Networking. As a general rule, following those should keep your Social Networking experience a good one.

    Hmmm. . .perhaps there is a blog post in there somewhere. 🙂

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