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I Love the New CB Campaign

April 5, 2009

Just caught Coldwell Banker’s new campaign on TV while watching some animated movie with the kids.  Here it is:

Wow, what an improvement over the misguided Talking Heads campaign:

I do think CB should have stressed the 103-years of experience thing just a bit more.  Talked about how they’ve seen ups and downs, and helped clients through good times and bad, etc.  Something kinda like this ad:

Since Coldwell Banker is probably the only real estate brand that could do a “heritage” ad like this, I rather think it ought to play up that advantage.  Especially now.

But that minor kibitzing aside, the new ad is effective all around.  It’s emotional in just the right way, strikes the right tone of positivity and reassurance, and reminds people that a house is not a bond fund but a place to live.

Back that campaign up with a social media blitz on all channels reminding people about how special their home is, how CB’s heritage helps in this time of uncertainty, and the like, and I think CB has a winner on its hands.

Anyhow, kudos to the marketing team at CB.  They got this one right, in my view.


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  1. April 6, 2009 12:03 am

    Wow: Congrats to the ad team that managed that ad!
    Significantly better than the talking heads….. That ad was an attempt to be silly. The last thing buyers and sellers want to see when their homes are dropping 20% is sillyness from real estate, especially one of the oldest, most trusted brands.

  2. April 6, 2009 12:42 pm

    I agree that it’s a “step in the right direction” but I’ll go back to my initial argument that I had about the NAR campaign.

    – Prices are all out of whack
    – Foreclosures and short sales about
    – Everything in the media scares the sh*t out of you
    – “what would you want to hear from a real estate company?”

    Personally I would want to see an ad campaign that does something like Charles Schwab put out (sorry not embeddable) like this…

    and I would especially put something like this out for your local market.

    Just my thoughts. But I am still holding my breath for someone to actually be honest and empathetic about everything that the American Home Owner is going through.

    Matt Dollinger

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